Taco’s first time retrieving ducks

Our retriever club had a picnic trial yesterday.  Taco, who has never retrieved a duck in his life had his first taste of the world of hunt test training.  He was just amazing!  At a little over a year, he sat, was fairly steady at the line and waited till I said Taco (as his send word).  I had to give him a little encouragement with my left hand to get him to understand I wanted him to go and get the duck.  Off he went, stood over the duck for a minute – not really sure he could believe his good fortune that this dead duck was for him!  He grabbed it, brought it back to me leaping into the air with the duck in his mouth!  He carried the duck for a few seconds more, trying to figure out what to do next and I called him over to me where he let me take it out of his mouth!

He did it 6 times altogether yesterday!




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