CH GMH Tannerforge Braveheart WCX MH CD RA CGN – William

Standing at stud – CH Tannerforge Braveheart WCX MH CD RA CGN – proven.

Born October 8th, 2005, William is the son of Phantom (Can & Bda Ch. & MOTCh Pinebank Phantom of the Night, RE WCX MH Am RE, Am CDX) x my Tanner (OTCh Sugarplum Tanner WCX JH Am CD).   Our first memories of William are those of him sitting in the whelping box watching us with his dark brown eyes.  We had the litter puppy tested by professional obedience trainer, Marie Sawford and Susie Bell, owner of Phantom.  He was the wild one in the litter.  He wouldn’t stack and we have many pictures of him in various stages of sitting, jumping up, but no stacked shots!   We kept him, even though Marie and Susie had many other prospects they felt were more worthy.  He had already captured my husband’s heart.

So the novice trainer took on the challenge of training the wild child, who turned out to be quite intelligent and biddable.  William has never let Jim down.

Sandie Bond, pro retriever trainer, told Jim that William is his once in a lifetime dog.  How fortunate for Jim that he and William have each other for this wonderful adventure.

He is EIC, CNM clear, Optigen PRA clear by parentage, OFA Hips good, elbows normal, eyes cleared by a Canine Ophthalmologist annually.   We consider him a light fox red in colour.  He is an excellent mover, good bone and has good conformation.    Available at stud to  bitches with appropriate health clearances – pedigree.  $1000 stud fee.  


Pictured above at a little over one year, he attained his WC, WCI and WCX and Junior Hunter titles all in his first attempts, owner trained and handled by my husband, who also has never trained a performance dog before. He attended his first Rally match in January 2008. He Q’d in his second run, never having done Rally before, ever!  He has since achieved his RN title in 3 straight tests as well, earned his Rally Advanced title with three HIC, and his CD with 2 HIC.

He achieved his Championship in 2011 one day before his 6th birthday.  We are especially proud of this championship as we did not put extra weight on him as everyone suggested and showed him in his working weight of 80 pounds.

  • EOLBA 2006 WC pass
  • GRCGT 2007 WCI pass
  • JH in 3 straight tests 2007
  • RN 3 straight trials 2008
  • Woodstock WD under James Reynolds
  • Wodstock WD under Michael Woods, Breeder Judge
  • RA leg July 2008 HIC
  • EOLBA specialty 2nd Working Dog Class
  • London Kennel Club October 2008 first CD pass.
  • SWORTC 2008 WCX pass
  • EOLBA Brighton 2008 first SH pass
  • Elora WD under Nora Bagnall
  • CD in three straight trials, 2 HIC
  • RA in three straight trials, 2 HIC
  • August 2009 SWORTC 3rd Senior Hunter Pass
  • August 2009 LPRTC Senior Hunter Title – Four straight tests!
  • Muskoka WD under judge David Eadie for 2 points July 2010.
  • Owen Sound – Grey Bruce Kennel Club –  Best of Breed under judge Paul Odenkirchen over specials for 2 points August 2010.
  • RCM at the Long Point Qualifying Field Trial, August 2010.
  • First Master pass, York Hunt Test, September 2010.
  • CGN certificate, October 2010.
  • Second Master pass, Long Point Retriever Training Club – August 2011.
  • New Champion!!! Wine Country Kennel Club, Oct 7th, 2011 BOW and BOS for 2 points!
  • TThird Master pass, Mill Creek Retriever Training Club – May 2012.
  • Fourth Master pass,  Horseshoe Hunting Retriever Club, June 3, 2012 Jill Chalmers and Laureen McKinney
  • New Master Hunter!!  Fifth Master pass, Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club, Chris Bayles and Heather Stewart, June 12, 2012
  • 2 Master passes, Labrador Owners Club – Saturday June 23, Sandie Bond and Shelly Blom, Sunday June 24, Tim Marshall and Susie Bell.
  • 2 Master passes, South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club – Saturday August 11 – George Townsend and John Mitchell, Sunday August 12, Shelly Blom and Susie Bell.
  • Fourth series, National Master Hunter August 19-24, 2012.
  • 5th Master Hunter pass, Mill Creek Retriever Club October 13th, 2012 Ray Bester and Peter Wycoff.  Half way to the Grand Master Hunter title!!!
  • Presented the Hershey Award by the Labrador Owners Club for 2012.
  • May 25, 2013 MH pass under Ray Bester and Shelly Blom.
  • May 26, 2013, MH pass under Chris Bayles and Gary Ball.
  • July 20, 2013, MH pass under Gail Bourgeois and Tim Marshall.
  • Won the coveted Neville Award by the Labrador Owners Club for 2013.

Wiliam's first senior hunter pass Brighton 2008

Wiliam’s first senior hunter pass Brighton 2008

SH Title LPRTC August 2009

SH Title LPRTC August 2009

EOLBA Specialty Bred by Exhibitor Class 4th place stacked


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