Tannerforge Happy Enchilada WCI JH CD RN – Chili

Chili is our newest addition born January 2008. Tannerforge Happy Enchilada WCI JH CD RN!

Here she is at 8 weeks –



She is full of attitude and has the typical happy go lucky Labrador temperament.  She also tested #1 in the puppy testing done at 7 weeks.  I can’t wait to start working with her!  Her pedigree is the same as William’s as we did a repeat breeding.

  • At her first conformation sanction match in Orono, she took BB and a Group 3rd!
  • At her first show weekend, Chili “made the cut” at the EOLBA labrador specialty in the 6-9 months class.
  • She also took WB and BOS to her half brother at the EOLBA sanction match.
  • BPIB at Grey Bruce Kennel Club.
  • Chili passed her Working Certificate title at the tender age of 6 1/2 months.
  • WB and BOS at Monarch Kennel Club June 18 2010 under Rick Fehler.
  • WB in Owen Sound under Paul Odenkirchen.
  • Finished her JH title at our SWORTC Hunt Test, August 2010.
  • First Novice Obedience trial – Trout Creek Oct 9 2010.  HIC, Top Scoring Labrador and Top Scoring Breeder/Owner/Handler Awards with a 194 under Isobel Hutton.
  • Second Novice Obedience leg same day, HIC with a 192, same judge.
  • Oct 10, 2 RN legs with two scores of 89 under Isobel Hutton and Sharon Smith.
  • Oct 16, London, RN title, 97, missed first place by time. Del Lunn
  • Oct 16, first RA leg, score of 86 – Del Lunn
  • Oct 17, second RA leg, score of 89 – Michelle Armitage.
  • Oct 16, Erie Shores Obedience Sanction Match, HIC Novice B with 195 under Bonnie Christie.
  • Aug 5, 2011, BOW under Wendy Schira at Milton for 2 points.
  • Sept 11, 2011 – WCI under Gail Bourgeois and Heather Stewart at the GRCGT.
  • Oct 7, 2011, WB under Paul Odenkirchen at Wine Country for 2 points.
  • May 25, 2012, Best of Breed under Paul Odenkirchen at Aurora for 1 point.
  • May 27, 2012, First Senior Hunter pass under judges John Hamilton, Yvonne Mangan
  • June 2, 2012, Senior Hunter pass #2 under judges Jill Chalmers, Linda Purdon
  • June 9, 2013, 2 HIC for her CD title under Ted Lindsay 191.5 & 194.5.
  • July 28, 2013, Senior Hunter pass #3 under Pearl McGinn, Shelly Blom.

Diane & Chili April 2012 LOC WC Clinic

Junior Hunter title August 2010

Make sure you have the right vet.  My Chili had a lump on her left knee in 2008 at about 8 months.  I took her to a vet, although not an orthopedic, but with lots of experience in cruciate injuries, who took x rays and she diagnosed a slight tear of her ACL and a broken (and almost healed) fibula.  Chili never showed any signs of lameness.  Her sits were sloppy – she was in obedience classes at the time and we could not get her to sit straight.  And I haven’t any idea how she broke that leg!  Since it was November and she was so young, the vet wanted to try a less invasive treatment, with the option of sending her off to an ortho vet.

We treated her with crate rest, only out to potty on a lead and Metacam (didn’t really do anything) and later Glycoflex II.  I really feel that the Glycoflex reduced the inflammation enough for her to heal.  By March we were finally seeing some solid improvement and by May/June she had recovered so well that she was back in training for hunt tests.  First water, then land. She is 100% and nice tuck sits again!   We realize that not every situation will have such a great outcome, and maybe it wasn’t a slight tear in her ACL at all, but I learned to be patient – the recovery process can be very long.  At 5 years, you would never know that she had any issues.  She trains at Master level, and runs hard at every opportunity!


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