It’s All About Fun Dog Resort at Tannerforge

Doggie Resort, specializing in large breed dogs, but smaller breeds are very welcome too!

  • Daily doggie day care.  You may be boating or swimming for the day at beautiful Long Point or simply don’t like to leave your pet at home all day, every day.  Let us look after your pet daily or long term.  They will have lots of fun!  $40 per day.
    • Puppy sitting. An option for the new puppy that should not be left at home all day while you are at work. We will work on potty training, come, sit etc. Minimum 6 weeks recommended.

All packages include:

  • Experienced professional dog trainer.
  • 2 long walks morning and afternoon – they have the option to take a dip in “Big Creek” in the summer.
  • Exposure and play sessions with our dogs and others.
  • Lots of beds for them to curl up in.

Optional training basics – sit, down, stay, come and heel or other issues at additional cost.

There are 2 basic services offered for overnight stays:

  1.    In home boarding.  Your dog will spend 24/7 with us and our dogs in our home. Our pack has lots of experience with both large and small dogs and are great role models and very well trained.   We don’t have more than two boarders with this option at any given time – $40.00 per day.
  2.     Behavioural issues that you would like us to work on while he/she is here.  You don’t have to be going away to take advantage of this option.  We will happily accept your dog in for training for separation anxiety issues, barking, fear, aggression, snapping, soiling, etc…  starting at $60.00 per day depending on issues.

Pick up and delivery can be arranged, also at a nominal charge.

***We can also provide one on one private training in your home for behavioural issues @ $50.00 per hour – one hour minimum.  Mileage charges will apply. ***

For your dog’s safety, as well as ours, it proof of up to date vaccinations is required.  

Things to think about when packing for your dog’s boarding:

  1. Dog food.  We can provide food if you forget at $.50 per cup, we feed TLC Whole Life Petfoods, but your dog will be happier both mentally and physically if you provide his regular food and treats.  Upset tummies and diarrhea are only a few of the problems that can develop.  Please don’t decide that this is a good time to change their food for this same reason.
  2. As mentioned above, there are lots of dog beds, but if you feel your pet would be more comfortable with something of his own, a blanket is best as it is easier to wash if your dog is with us for more than a day or two.  A doggy bed is fine if it has a removable cover and your dog isn’t going to rip the bed to shreds.
  3. Please don’t pack bones or a bunch of toys for them.  Really, they are too busy, and your toys will be more special to them when they return home.  It also saves me having to apologize for losing them! ☺
  4. You can leave their bowls at home.  We have plenty and when we wash them, it makes it easier for us to re-distribute them.  However, if you think they will be happier with their own bowls, please have their names on them in some way that will not wash off.
  5. Every dog gets a good night snuggle and a TLC bone every night.  So bringing your own treats are optional!

TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Biscuits provide a daily dosage of Glucosamine and Chondroitin while giving your dog a great tasting treat.

Boarding Fees are payable in advance and a Contract must be signed before your pet can be left with us.  Refunds of any fees will be on a case by case basis.

We look forward to your pet’s stay with us.  Rest assured that your pet will be in good hands!