OTCh Sugarplum Tanner WCX JH – Tanner

Tanner, born October 13th, 2002, and known as OTCh Sugarplum Tanner WCX, JH, is a very athletic girl. She is amazing at whatever dog sport we have attempted. Her biggest obstacle is her handler as she is my first performance dog. She learns quickly, is very biddable and is a joy to work and compete with. She got her CD in 3 straight trials at the tender age of 9 months. She got her WCX in her first attempt. She is has one Senior Hunter pass at Brighton in 2008.  She also achieved her OTCh on September 13th, 2008. She is now retired.

Tanner is OVC clear for hips and elbows. She is Optigen clear for PRA and has yearly eye clearances by a DAVCO Canine Othamologist.

In 2005, while pregnant with her first litter, Tanner did a little acting in an episode of Creepy Canada –


Tanner is now retired as a brood bitch.

Exclusively fed –
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