William Finishes Two Titles at the LOC Specialty!

We had a good weekend at the LOC specialty last weekend.  William and Jim finished first in both trials to finish Willie’s CD!  Susie Bell really cleaned up with two HIT with father and son (Phantom and Banker). She did that once before with mother and daughter – Decker and Keeper.  Laura, who has a Phantom/Keeper daughter – Solo, Q’d their first and second time in Utility!  Keeper also won the veterans class at both trials.  So we all got a pic of the Pinebank bred dogs and their ribbons.

Then William finished up his RA title on Saturday with a first and a second!

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Phantom finishes 6th All Breed Obedience for 2008

The sire of William, Chili and Taco – Can & Bda Ch. & MOTCH Pinebank Phantom of the Night, RE WCX MH Am RE, Am CDX has placed 6th in the obedience standings for 2008 with limited showing.  All summer he was doing hunt tests and it was September before Susie decided to campaign him.  Congratulaitons Susie and Phantom!!!

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The field trial is over… phew!

Life has been very hectic with me being the field trial secretary for the first time.  A lot of inputting of information and organization – first I am kind of good at, the second is NOT my forte.  Anyway, my brain is fried, but I survived.

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The Dog Whisperer

Over the holidays, we got a free channel that featured many episodes of the Dog Whisperer.  I had watched his show sporadically before, but never really paid it much attention.  With the holidays and a lack of new viewing material, it seems we got hooked –  the whole family!  His methods are humane, make perfect sense and can really make a difference in how you relate to your dogs and more importantly, insight as to how your dog thinks.  Check out his show.  Watch a few episodes and see if you can pick up pointers for you and your family to use.

Here is a link to tips for Issues and Problem Behaviours, specifically barking dogs.  On the right hand side there are more links to other problems you might have.

And remember when you first meet or greet a dog ” No touch, no talk, no eye contact!”

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Taco’s first time retrieving ducks

Our retriever club had a picnic trial yesterday.  Taco, who has never retrieved a duck in his life had his first taste of the world of hunt test training.  He was just amazing!  At a little over a year, he sat, was fairly steady at the line and waited till I said Taco (as his send word).  I had to give him a little encouragement with my left hand to get him to understand I wanted him to go and get the duck.  Off he went, stood over the duck for a minute – not really sure he could believe his good fortune that this dead duck was for him!  He grabbed it, brought it back to me leaping into the air with the duck in his mouth!  He carried the duck for a few seconds more, trying to figure out what to do next and I called him over to me where he let me take it out of his mouth!

He did it 6 times altogether yesterday!




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Willie gets Winners Dog at Elora!!!

We are proud to announce that William won a first place and Winners Dog for 2 points at the Elora dog show on Saturday!  He was having so much fun with his handler, Jill Taylor of Captiva Kennels – http://captivakennels.com/handling.htm

Yay Willie!

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Interesting article on whether dogs see colours.

Jim found this article and it is very precise showing what colours dogs can see and how what we see translates to them. http://blogs.psychologytoday.com/blog/canine-corner/200810/can-dogs-see-colors

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