Obedience Trial Champion – OTCH Sugarplum Tanner WCX JH

Tanner got her OTCH yesterday!  Whoo hoo!  We were the first ones in the Utility ring for the first trial.  We are waiting for them to set up.  Neither one of us is nervous, (as we had come here on Monday for a correction match and it had gone pretty well) until the judge (Del Lunn) says “Are you ready?”.  Gulp!  Deep breath and go.  Things were going well till we got to the silent signal exercise Tanner’s biggest problem.  I start by saying “Tanner, heel” …  I roll my eyes and continue on.  I wasn’t very silent, now was I?  She moved forward a bit on the down, but did everything she had to.  When she got through the signals I was pretty sure we had it made.  Not a great score – 186, but she did it. So now she is retired from the obedience ring to concentrate on field.  Maybe tracking …  am I crazy???
Anyway, the second trial started out a little bit like the old stressed out Tanner, then she kind of went “Wait a minute, I know this and it’s fun!” and by the end she knew she did it right again and jumped up in celebration (nose smeared my glasses) before the judge said exercise finished.  I didn’t care I was so happy she had fun – finally!  A 186 again and a third place finish.  All the hard core obedience people were there, so I was pretty happy to get a placement.  And Susie got to see us finish.
I am just so proud of her!  And she is pretty proud of herself, too!  Now next weekend, her first Senior Hunter pass???
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The puppy pouch.

Here are a couple of pictures for the puppy pouch.

It is just an amazing invention. Kate developed them first for babies and thought they would be great for puppies as well. The puppies just loved the security and quickly fell asleep. You would be amazed at how well the puppies balance in the pouch, you have a lot more freedom to move around while keeping your puppy secure.

I am going to use mine for long walks that we will want to take this spring. Puppies usually can’t go on a long hike, but you just hate to leave them home. This way they can come along and walk as long as they are able and still enjoy the rest of the hike. This would also be great for anyone who has a smaller breed of dog who takes them everywhere.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please email Kate. I am sure she can still make them up before the puppies go to their new homes. They are also an excellent shower gift for human babies as well.

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Serra’s Tribute


I wrote how she died, and I thought it was time to say how she lived.

She loved the water. From the time the puddles thawed in March, she would dabble in each and every one of them on our walks. She took to the deeper water like a pro. She was doing 100 foot marks at 5 months and we even got her ready for her WC at 6 months. We entered her and it seemed as soon as we did, she started to drop the birds and pick at the feathers. So we pulled her from the test. If the test had been a week earlier, she probably would have had her Working Certificate.

She loved field work and loved obedience work as well. I had many compliments on what a nice working dog she was. She always gave me her undivided attention. Very rarely would she look away. She fell into heel whenever we were out alone together. She learned easily and made me look like a great trainer. She had such wonderful drive and beauty and brains as well. She would have been an awesome competitor.

She loved her brother, William. Sometimes to the point of driving him crazy! She always wanted to play and could hold her own with him – even though he weighs 84 lbs! The growls and flips and other contortions the two of them got into were a sight! He misses her as much as we do.

When I was working in the shop in the summer, she would come up from behind me and nudge me, as if she had just found me for the first time.  She’d be all wiggly and excited to see me.  We would have a little play and a little chat and off again she would go on another adventure in the yard.

She would eat practically anything! She loved all kinds of veggies, which got to be a bit of a problem. She realized that there was all the asparagus she could eat just sticking out of the ground in the garden! I would often find her chomping on a huge asparagus fern. It drove me crazy. So next time, no feeding begging dogs asparagus!

She was a beautiful dog, inside and out. My biggest regret is that I did not take enough pictures of her.

I miss you.

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Serra – December 31, 2006 – October 30th 2007

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of my wonderful little girl, Serra.

The dogs and I were walking down our road (as we have for the past 10 years), and not 15 feet off the road was a raccoon trap. It got her by the head. I could not get it off in time. She died in my arms. No animal should die that way, especially not our wonderful, sweet, devoted little Serra. God speed, my precious girl.

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Tanner’s Adventure

Check Tanner’s page for a link to her TV debut back in September of 2005.

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