WC/Hunt Test Training for your Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Barbet or Poodle

Is your dog crazy about retrieving?

The first thing we must say is that our dogs are companions first.  They are tightly integrated into our family and not kennel dogs or livestock.  And neither is any dog that we train.

We use positive reinforcement methods to train all dogs and puppies entrusted to us.

Our fee includes:

  1. Training – both field training and yard work. Yard work is basically obedience training and drills.  Field training gets the basics of out and back, but the yard work is what gives the backbone. Obedience includes heel, sit, here etc…
  2. Ducks and/or other game birds.
  3. In home boarding where your dog will be treated like one of our own.
  4. 2 off leash walks morning and evening – they have the option to have a dip on warm days, and we often supplement the walk with 20 minutes of bumper fun retrieves in the water.

In addition, we offer rehabilitation training for no-goes, gun shy, fear of water and most young dog issues.

Some points to ponder:

What kind of pressure are you comfortable with?   The methods we are planning to use will only work to the Working Certificate/Junior Hunter level.  Senior Hunter, WCI and higher will require collar conditioning.  We also offer force fetch and collar conditioning in addition to the basic package noted above if you intend to go onto higher levels of competition.

When would you like to start?  April is the ideal time to start.  It is a short and busy season!

Caveats:  We can’t tell you how long it will take.  It could be 3 month, 6 months or longer. Every dog is different.  Every dog reaches milestones at their own pace.  We like to start with puppies – ours start at about 5 or 6 weeks old!  Ideally, the pup should be 6 months.  But most people’s first dog is older.

Fees are due bi-weekly, in advance.  There is a $100 non-refundable assessment fee of your dog’s natural abilities on your initial visit to Tannerforge, which consists of an hour or so assessment and conversation with you regarding your dog/puppy.  There is also a $5 a day premium for all in season bitches.

Please read our testimonial from Heather Dobson and Rod Prosser of Jaunenoir Labradors:

Jaunenoir Labradors have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Tannerforge Labradors, Jim & Diane Hopkins!  While doing a great amount of research looking for trainers to take on the challenge of our girl who “needed a job”, Jim and Diane’s names surfaced over and over again.  Being very choosy about who trains and handles our dogs, and given “word of mouth” about Jim and Diane was so positive, we contacted them, and have not looked back.  Not only did our girl come home sporting a WC title, she was more settled, focused, disciplined, and VERY happy!  Without hesitation, we then trusted Jim and Diane with our baby girl to do basic training, and results were amazing.  Jim and Diane are two genuine, caring, competent, and passionate trainers, who we now call, friends.

Jaunenoir Labradors – Heather Dobson & Rod Prosser

We have since this was written gone on to train many of Rod & Heather’s dogs to their WC certificate and Dallas even has two HRC started retreiver passes at 6 years of age.  All with positive reinforcement training.

Please contact us via email: tannerforge@gmail.com

We practice social distancing protocols.